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With over a dozen years experience as a daily news photographer plus work as a photo-editor for a weekly newsmagazine, Keith Morison has the ability and skills to approach any assignment and get the definitive pictures and deliver them on deadline.  Beyond Delivering the expected images, Keith has an eye for the different angle and the different view. The ability to get different images is significant, and can help your organization stand out from the pack. This is important, particularly in today’s competitive media marketplace.

Morison Communications is fully equipped for digital and traditional film based photojournalism. We are also fully capable of  working on the road and transmitting on a daily deadline.


One of the staples of newspaper photography is portrait photography. From meeting up with subjects and having complete control to making portraits on the fly as events happen, Keith Morison has an eye for a striking image.
A well executed portrait will evoke a mood and set the tone of a story or document.

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The ability to shoot good sports pictures is possibly one of the keys to success in all areas of photojournalism. To anticipate the action and to predict the definitive moments on the fly can be translated to any project.

Sports Features

Quality photojournalism is about much more than capturing the expected. in sports, often much of the attention is given to peak action, but there is always a different way to see the sport.



Paying attention to your surroundings and looking for the angles to tell the story are key elements to good news photography.  Cleanly getting the elements of a story in a single image is a talent and skill that can be translated to many forms of photography.


  Wild Art

Keeping your eyes open for the less obvious angles and pushing the limits of creativity can expand your library of images and help make a much stronger visual impact. Always on the lookout for a different view can result in finding some unique visuals.

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