Photo Management

Great photos come in an instant and are gone just as quickly.

If you're hosting a large or important event chance are you'll want to have a quality image library once it is done. Whether you want to use photos for promotional items for future events or just have a good archive that captures what happened, it is important to have a good plan in place. Even when relying on volunteers to get you photos, providing a wish list of images and giving some direction on what you need for files will help get you the results you need.

With decades of experience as a photographer, editor, designer and publisher, I can help you meet your image library needs in a variety or ways.

Photo Planning
I can work with you to review your event plans and identify the images you'll need and the logistics involved. This will involve looking at what you might want to do with images from an event as well as the possibilities if you get the 'right' images. You'll end up with:

- A 'shot list' to give to photographers to make sure they know what you're looking for.
- A photographer's guideline for photo styles, file names and how/when to submit the photos.
- A review of infrastructure needs for desired photo delivery- A photo manager's guide for handling images after the event.

Photo Management
In addition to the planning, I can also provide complete photo management during your event. This would include:

- Photo planning, as above
- Photographer assignments and briefings for your volunteer photographers.
- I would also augment the volunteers' work with my own photography as needed.
- Post event editing of submissions.
- Delivery of an organized photo library.

Photo Management services are quoted on a project basis. Consultations to build a quote are free.

Contact us to discuss your Photo Management needs.

Saturday, 18 November, 2017 • 10:27:48am

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