The Great Road Hunt

The hunt for new roads is always fun. I suppose.

Recently I had the pleasure of searching for some new roads for the Big White Winter Rally. I spent a good day of scouting with Martin Burnley, who also graciously hosted me during my stay. Looking for roads can be frustrating, and during the day we found several dead-ends, including finding ourselves being surrounded by trees with little or no visibility forward or back.

Day two of the hunt saw Alex Schubel joining me as we measured the found roads and developed a plan to include them in the event. The results will be fantastic... I think. We've been able to add 5 km to an already good stage, albeit at the cost of three reasonably good corners and 1 Km of the old stage... a good trade, I think! We've also found that what we thought was a good 35km loop does, indeed, exist and go all the way through. That, plus a new 10km section that joins some of these elements together means we're looking at a great 135 Km event that actually gets rid of the least favorite road of the event.

Now, it's time to get permissions in place!


Saturday, 18 November, 2017 • 10:28:11am

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