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Image DescriptionI was always interested in photography. Be it following my brother Jim around as he took photos and made movies or, when I was older, taking pictures like mad for the yearbook, starting in Junior-High, cameras have played a big part in my life. Eventually, I found my way to Photojournalism... but it was hardly a direct path.

This picture the first 'real' news photo I shot. I was on my way to work at a camera store when I came across the scene. I borrowed a camera from the store, returned to shoot the accident, and then rushed my film to The Winnipeg Free Press... the next day. It was a great lesson. Gerry Cairns looked at me, as I recall, and asked when the accident happened and went on to explain the importance of deadlines and of getting pictures in on time. But, he also took the film, had it developed, and had this print made for me. When I returned to pick up the film and print, he also talked to be about what I had shot and offered a few pointers.

When I look at this photo, even though the accident is minor, there is something about it I like to this day. If I had to shoot it today, would I do things differently? Absolutely... but if this shot was on my card I'd probably still file it in a tight edit.



Saturday, 18 November, 2017 • 10:28:16am

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